Why Salah Space?

Data 100% Secure & Encrypted - Free service for Mosques

Online Booking System

Mosques will have the ability to control and set the capacity for Friday Jumu'ah prayers thereafter following the ability to set capacities for the daily prayers.

Find the Nearest Mosque:

A GeoLocation based search engine to help worshippers find their nearest Mosque with available space to pray.

Generated QR Code:

A dedicated QR code scanner which will remove the logistical burdens, allowing for worshippers to attend in an effective and efficient manner.

GDPR Compliant:

After 30 days of inactivity, worshippers data will be deleted from our systems. No information will be given to a third party for marketing purposes.

Global Platform:

Salah Space is soon to open the platform globally so Mosques across the globe can use a one-in all platform to save time and energy.

Multiple Prayers

Mosques are going to be able to use the platform using their own Mosque Portal to set up multiple prayer slots including Jumu’ah and Eid.

Catering for All:

Salah Space has been created to cater for Men and Women as well as those with good knowledge of technology in addition to those who may not be familiar with technology.

Existing Prayer Slots

Worshippers have the ability to see all prayer slots available for the week as well as see a history of prayers they have attended.

Unique Link

Mosques get their own Unique link to share with their worshippers to make it easy for those that attend their Mosque.

Mosque Features

Mosques have the ability to update their own details, capacity and timings as well as view the progress for each Salah Bookings available on the platform to monitor space.


Salah Space uses feedback provided by Mosques weekly to improve the systems to allow ease in both Mosques and Worshippers when using the platform.

Relationship with Mosques

The Salah Space team will ensure to keep Mosques updated at all times when implementing new features and work with the Mosques to improve the systems.

Customer Services at Salah Space:

Salah Space can be contacted by phone, email, SMS & Social Media where a member of the team is always at hand to respond.

Importance of Security & Data

Salah Space continuously discusses all changes with advisors, lawyers and leaders within the community whilst making improvements to the platform to ensure all guidelines are followed and to ensure the sanctity of user data and privacy.

Platform Security

The platform was built with user privacy and security in mind. All databases are encrypted and hidden behind a virtual private network. Databases are not accessible via the internet and can only be accessed via servers within it’s private network. All traffic is encrypted via a secure ssl connection between the client and server.

No Marketing Policy

At Salah Space we have a strict no marketing policy. All mosques must agree to this before being onboarded. Data shared is never to be used for marketing purposes and this is emphasised to all Mosques that use the platform. If these terms are violated, the organisation will be removed from the platform and reported to the ICO.

Spam Accounts

All users are verified at the minimum by email verification. Salah Space continuously monitors user behaviour to ensure that spam accounts are detected automatically and removed. Additional verification is completed by our onboarding team for Mosques or any members of the Salah Space team.

Deleting Prayer Slots

Mosques as well as worshippers have the facility to cancel a prayer slot.

Multiple Scanning

More than one member of the Mosque management team can use their smartphone or device to scan in worshippers as they enter the Mosque.

Prevention of Multiple Bookings

Salah Space has enabled a feature which prevents worshippers booking the same slot more than once.