What Is Salah Space?


Salah Space is a free platform for people to book prayer slots at their local mosque and for mosques to manage their prayers safely during COVID-19!


Who is behind Salah Space?


The Salah Space team is a volunteer led initiative. More details about the team is available here:( Click Here)


Why has Salah Space been created?


While lockdown restrictions were slowly being lifted, the Salah Space team recognised a potential problem that many Mosques / places of worship would face, in the form of overcrowded facilities. 


The Salah Space team also understood without a platform like Salah Space it would become a logistical nightmare for Mosques and places of worship across the globe to be able to invest in people and technology for a long period of time.


The Salah Space team also understood paper based solutions weren’t the way forward especially when technology has advanced throughout the years. 


Our aim was to provide the solution in the use of technology to support Mosques and places of worship across the globe during these difficult times fighting the pandemic.


Launching Salah Space was a once in a lifetime opportunity to support multiple Mosques across one platform. The potential of having more features available than just a booking platform is also part of the plan to assist Mosques all across the globe use technology better.


Thus, the Salah Space team, made up of a group of volunteers, decided to create a safe and easy-to-use booking management system to help Mosque committees comply with the latest government regulations and guidance for communal places of worship. 


The Salah Space team wanted to ensure this service was provided free to all Mosques to control the capacity for all the Salahs that take place at places of worship.


Salah Space wanted to create a platform with a seamless check in process whilst keeping all security / data issues the main priority before moving forward with any features that were being implemented on the platform.


Who are we catering for?


The Salah Space team is working to make the Salah Space platform cater for all Mosques and places of worship used for the Daily Salah. The Salah Space team is working hard to cater for everyone that uses the Mosques.


How are we catering for those who aren’t familiar with technology? 


The Salah Space team is working hard to think of new ways to ensure that those who are not familiar with technology are able to use the systems.