FAQs for Mussalees /Users

How will congregants register and how do they choose what masjid they go to ?

Congregants can register by clicking on the “book a salah space” button. Once registration is completed, you will be able to view the mosques in your locality by postcode or name. Book an available space at the chosen mosque, upon confirmation you will receive a unique QR code which will need to be shown to staff & volunteers at the mosque on your arrival.

Can I use the same QR code for all my bookings?

No, each new booking you make will generate a new unique QR code. Therefore, you cannot use the same QR code for all your bookings.

Why can’t I find my local mosque on Salah Space ?

Not all mosques will be on our platform. If you would like your mosque to be in Salah Space, please ask your local mosque to register with Salah Space and share this website with them.

Do I need to download an app to use Salah Space ?

No. Salah Space is a web-based platform, so can be accessed via an internet browser on your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device. All you need to do is go to to start using the service.

How can I delete my account?

Please contact us on to delete any information we have on you and your account. We will send you an email confirmation once this is done.

How do I know if a Mosque is registered to Salah Space?

The mosques should appear when you search by name or postcode in the platform. Also, we have advised all participating mosques to let their congregants know that they will be using Salah Space in a form of a message, social media post or posters.

What if I booked and cannot make it for Salah, how do I cancel my booking?

This is currently unavailable but will be soon introduced as a feature.

What if I want to amend my booking, do I have to rebook entirely or can I amend my booking?

This feature currently is unavailable and will be coming soon.

Can I do a family booking?

Yes, you can book up to 3 attendees at a time.

FAQs for Mosques

How much does this cost?

There is no cost to this platform, free to use for all mosques. Rest assured, there are no hidden costs.

Where do I register my mosque ?

Please register at Once completed, our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to complete our onboarding process and then you can share your link with your worshippers.

Is Salah Space only for Jummah (Friday) Prayers?

Currently, the platform will only allow for the booking of Jummah prayers. We are currently working to extend this to the 5 daily congregational prayers. Once this function is operational, we will notify you by email.

Will we the Masjids have the ability to input our own salah times and slots?

Yes. This can be done by accessing the masjids’ backend admin panel at

How will we verify the number of registered attendees for each salaah?

Mosques will have the ability to access this information in the admin panel

How can I verify if a registered user, who made a booking on your app, actually attended the Salah?

As each registered user has a unique, individual QR code for each booking. The scanning of the QR code on entrance / arrival to the mosque will be stored in the admin panel. You can view all the users who attended in the backend admin panel.

Who do we contact in case we have a confirmed Covid-19 case amongst our congregation?

Please contact us at this email:

Can an attendee double book two time slots?

No, attendees are limited to one booking per user.

If the Masjid decides to de-register what will be the process?

Please contact us via email on and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

Will there be live support in case there is an emergency? If so, what will be the best way to get in touch?

Yes, you can contact us via email or the live support web chat on our website and in case of emergency a member of our team will get in touch with you.

If all of the available Salah Spaces are not taken for a particular congregation and someone comes to the masjid unregistered, how can we onboard that information to the Salah Space web app?

The responsibility for collecting and storing this data is on the mosque.

What is the link between BBSI and Salah Space?

BBSI is a partner of Salah Space.

Is Salah Space working with the government?

No, we are a group of volunteers working for free and independent from any government agency.

Why has this platform been created?

Salah Space is a free platform for people to book time slots to pray at their local mosque, which will help mosques to manage their facilities safely in accordance with government regulations during COVID-19.

Is this platform required as per government guidelines?

This platform is not required as per government guidelines but the collection of contact information for attendees for all places of worship is highly recommended by the government. If you choose to not use our platform, please consider alternative booking websites or record information using pen and paper.

What do we do if we have people in our community who don’t understand technology and how it works therefore cannot book?

We recommend that all mosques reserve a number of spaces for the elederly, this can be done in the backend admin panel and you take their details at the door if they wish to share their details.

How are the elderly facilitated if they cannot use the platform?

We recommend that all mosques reserve a number of spaces for the elderly, this can be done in the backend admin panel.

Can the Masjid give priority to locals than others from different parts of the city or out the city?

The mosques available for worshippers to book time slots are within their own locality, therefore only locals should be able to make bookings to your mosque.

What if the same people register constantly, would this not prevent others from booking their space?

What if I do not want to use this service and stick to pen and paper at the Mosque?

There is no obligation upon mosques to solely use our platform, if there are other better ways please do use them.

FAQs relating to Data

What happens to my information?

Salah Space allows for anonymous sign in where users do not have to input their details. If you choose to input your details, we will hold your data for 21 days as per government guidelines in case an outbreak of COVID-19 occurs at the mosque. This data will then be shared with the government for NHS track and trace. If you do not want your data shared, please sign in anonymously.

What is the process to retrieve our data in case we have an outbreak?

The masjid must contact Salah Space via email to request the data. Please note this data will only be released to the authorised person from the organisation registered on our system.

Can a registered user opt out of their information being shared with Track and Trace?

Yes, please sign in anonymously and we will not store any of your user details. Remember if a person in the congregation tests positive for Covid-19 then the Masjid may be required to provide that information to Track and Trace to limit the spread of the virus. If you would like to assist your community, please enter your details upon booking.

Are you providing our information voluntarily to Track and Trace?

No, but if a person in the congregation tests positive for Covid-19 then the Masjid may be required to provide that information to Track and Trace to limit the spread of the virus.

If you are deleting the data after 21 days, then how will the Masjid retrieve this information for its own liability coverage as part of our risk assessment?

According to government regulations, data should only be stored for 21 days, after this the data will be deleted. Masajid are not required to have this data after 21 days so it does not affect your liability.

Is my data going to be stored?

If you choose to share your data with us upon booking, we will store it for 21 days after which this is deleted from our servers.

What if I want my data removed?

You can request for your data to be removed by emailing us on

Will my data be shared?

Your data will only be shared if a member of the congregation tests positive for Covid-19.

Who collects the data and where will it be stored?

Salah Space collects the data on the behalf of the mosques using our platform. The data is stored on Salah Space’s AWS servers and access is limited to the Salah Space Team.

What guarantee do I have that my data will not be misused?

At Salah Space, our first priority is to ensure that users data is not misused. We will not be using your details for any fundraising or marketing purposes and this data will not be shared with third parties.

Has Salah Space been checked by the ICO?

No. Please visit our privacy policy for more information.

What if I want confirmation that my data has been deleted, can you provide this?

Yes, we can provide this. Please email us on

Can I opt out to share my data with Track and Trace?

Yes, Salah Space allows for users to sign in anonymously and use our platform. However, at the door, mosque staff may ask you for your details in order to pass on to track and trace if an outbreak occurs.